Simon Yugler

About this speaker

With a masters in depth counseling psychology, Simon is a psychedelic therapist, educator, and writer. For a year and a half he served as a retreat leader and therapist with MycoMeditations, one of the world’s leading legal psilocybin retreats. Weaving together Jungian psychology, mythology, IFS therapy, and psychedelic integration, Simon also draws on his diverse experience learning from indigenous cultures, including the Shipibo Ayahuasca tradition and the Native American Church. With a background in anthropology and experiential education, he has led international journeys for groups of young adults across 10 countries. Simon serves as an educator and mentor with Inner Trek, and as a curriculum advisor and mentor for Alma Institute, two groundbreaking psilocybin training programs based in Oregon.

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Leadership Archetypes & Psychedelic Facilitation

29 April 2023, 10:00 AM
Simon Yugler