Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

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Robin Alexandra (she/her)

Sâmia Biruany

Healer and Leader, Huni Kuin

Ian Bollinger

Co-Founder, Director of R&D, and Entheogen Researcher, Hyphae Labs

Lindsay Branham

PhD Candidate Psychology University of Cambridge, Eco-Doula

Elena Brower

Mom, Mentor, Author, Practice You Podcast

Alex Carelli

Guide, ThetaSoma

Dr. Ido Cohen

Founder, The Integration Circle

Emily Eaglin

Filmmaker, YouTuber

Gv Freeman

Founder, Pure Imagination

Sam Gandy


Juliana Goldstone

Boldly Embodied

Elizabeth J.O.

Founder, Altered States Integration

Greg Lawrence

Integration and Transformational Coach

Caroline Lee

Death Doula, Agency in Dying

Jazz LeiAmora

Aluna Lua

entheogenic guide, psychedelic integration coach and Brazilian portuguese interpreter

Phoenix MacGregor

Mycelium Networker, Soul Archeologist

Otto Maier

Tandava Retreats Agapè Church

Colin McCusker

Shane Norte

Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth

Soma Phoenix

Board President, People of Color Psychedelic Collective

John Robertson

Founder, Maps of the Mind

Matt Ruby


Daniel Shankin

Founder, Tam Integration

Eric Sienknecht

Polaris Insight Center

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