Otto Maier

Tandava Retreats Agapè Church

About this speaker

Otto is a trained and Certified Psychedelic Integration guide, Jungian Coach, Ceremony facilitator, Kambo practitioner, and Breathwork facilitator for retreat centers around the world. The main focus of his work is assisting individuals and the collective in bridging the gap between their plant medicine/spiritual experiences and everyday life. He believes that if we can open ourselves to the poetry and aesthetic sensibility of nature, our relationships, and the soul that is orchestrating the dance of these elements, that life can be as simply profound as these fleeting transcendent spiritual experiences. That we are not in need of a western diagnosis but a reconnection to the spiritual foundation that is intrinsic to our life as human beings.

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The Why (Y) in Psychedelics



Shadows and Pitfalls on the Integration Journey

29 April 2023, 09:00 PM
Otto Maier Phoenix MacGregor Elizabeth J.O.