Anthony West

Guide, ThetaSoma

About this speaker

Anthony is an artist, creator and founder of ThetaSoma™. He is passionate about supporting others to heal their ancestral lineage, activate purpose, and expand their creative potential as human beings. Anthony co-leads the ThetaSoma™ Guide Training as well as offers 1:1 mentorship and creativity coaching.

“I have been meditating from a very young age – exploring my inner and outer realms.

I am a creator and my work mirrors the journey of self.

I believe deeply in the value of myth in building and maintaining culture.  My personal interest lies in studying hypnosis, soul retrieval techniques and ancestral healing.

I have spent years holding space for others and guiding them on their healing journeys in a diversity of settings. I have guided many mens circles over the years, holding space for men to awaken and integrate their creative purpose and drive. I also hold a safe, strong space for women to heal and be witnessed by the masculine.

I seek to inspire spiritual awareness within my clients allowing you to access your own ability as a co-creator and being of unlimited potential. I use our collective mythos to inspire change and create a new paradigm. Healing and creativity are my life’s work, purpose, and passion. I am honored to share this work with you”.

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Ancestral Healing Meditation



Unlocking and Interpreting Symbols of the Subconscious

30 April 2023, 07:30 PM
Anthony West Alex Carelli