Lindsay Branham

The Earth as Integration Companion

A Talk by Lindsay Branham (PhD Candidate Psychology University of Cambridge, Eco-Doula)

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About this Talk

What if the Earth was your main resource as you prepare for, undertake and integrate a psychedelic experience? As we face climate collapse, the Earth might be the greatest resource, ally, companion and guide, showing us how to deepen our relationality with the wider net of life, and pointing us towards wisdom that transcends the individual self. Through a combination of spiritual rituals rooted in Buddhism and experience from earth-based integration practices, this talk will weave praxis and experience to enliven our relationship with the Earth. Instead of viewing nature as an objective other, or a passive part of a set or a setting, I present the possibility of the Earth, or what is alive, as the animation and imagination of what psychedelics could be inviting humans into long after the journey ends; a return to our inherent and connected inter-being.

29 April 2023, 02:30 PM

02:30 PM - 03:30 PM

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Lindsay Branham

Lindsay Branham

PhD Candidate Psychology University of Cambridge, Eco-Doula

PhD Candidate Psychology University of Cambridge Eco-Doula