Soma Williams

Founder, Heart2Hara

About this speaker

Soma is a queer identifying daughter of the diaspora. A mother, womb healer, birth worker, and somatic practitioner. Soma has been serving families as a Full Spectrum Community Doula since 2013. And has been a Reproductive Justice Advocate beginning in 2016 serving and advocating for pregnant woman at Rikers Island Prison, Rose M.Singer facility. Soma is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and adjunct instructor of massage at Pacific College of Health and Science. A self proclaimed psychonuat Soma has been deeply journeying with plant medicine since 2015 and most recently began her Shamanic attunement with Sensei Behike Kevon, founder of the Entheogen Integration Circle, sitting with high dose 10g + ceremonies. Coupled with somatic practices she has accessed an ancient ancestral tradition in releasing stored trauma in the body offering what she self-proclaims as Entheogenic Bodywork.


Somatic Abolition: Embodied Liberation for Black and Brown Bodies

30 April 2023, 03:45 PM
Soma Williams