Phoenix MacGregor

Mycelium Networker, Soul Archeologist

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Phoenix MacGregor is a mother, a grandmother, a retired clinical psychologist, a visionary and way shower. Her work focuses on the intersection of entheogens, the Divine Feminine, and the magic inherent in the remembrance of our esoteric wisdom. She practices primarily with cannabis and psilocybin, utilizing somatic therapy and IFS in a ceremonial context. She also provides consultation to others who are ready to leave the current systems and build something new. In her free time she can be found dancing barefoot on the beach and giving away free hugs. Her practice is based in Southern California and she travels to bring her medicine to wherever she is called to serve.

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The Why (Y) in Psychedelics


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Shadows and Pitfalls on the Integration Journey

29 April 2023, 09:00 PM
Elizabeth J.O. Otto Maier Phoenix MacGregor