Lauren Taus

Inbodied Life and Psychedelic Coalition for Health

About this speaker

Lauren Taus is a psychedelic assisted therapist, trained to work with both psychoactive compounds and plant medicines. Lauren leads Inbodied Life, a group therapy practice that also offers immersive educational programs for clinicians to learn psychedelic assisted therapy and integration in contexts that hold personal healing as essential to effective facilitation. Lauren is a lifelong student, educator and activist. For decades, Lauren's work has focused on creating aligned, and kind mind-body connections to support complete health for individuals and the collective. Lauren is a regular speaker and contributor in the larger space of psychedelic medicine. Her work has been featured in Double Blind, Chacruna, The Guardian, NY Magazine and more.


What Do Death, Bodies and Psychedelics Have in Common?

30 April 2023, 06:15 PM
Lauren Taus Caroline Lee