Kristin Taylor (She/Her)

Integration Practitioner

About this speaker

Kristin Taylor is a Microdosing Integration Practitioner. Her Microdosing practice is enhanced by her training certification through Salt City Psychedelic Therapy & Research, as well as her postgraduate certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from the U of U. Kristin’s practice also encompasses multi-dimensional healing modalities including reiki, yoga nidra, somatic movement, shamanic drumming and equine therapy. Blue Lotus, Amanita Muscaria, Huachuma, 🍄, NN-god particle

As a single mother of five children she accessed Her natural intuition and gift of teaching to hold space for others in order to enlighten and heal. Her soul purpose is to guide clients to witness their authentic-selves, unlocking natural gifts, while embracing self-compassion and unearthing a higher purpose. Author of Integrate: 3 Month Microdosing Guide

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Microdosing: Finding Your Balance, Finding Your Flow

29 April 2023, 10:15 PM
Soma Phoenix Robin Alexandra (she/her) Tracey Tee Kristin Taylor