Ian Bollinger

Co-Founder, Director of R&D, and Entheogen Researcher, Hyphae Labs

About this speaker

Ian is Co-Founder, Director of R&D, and Entheogen Researcher at Hyphae Labs, centering his work around education and conversations. He brings the importance of drug testing, citizen science, and community benefit to the forefront through his work supporting the science behind the Psilocybin/Hyphae Cups and in developing the Hyphae Spectrum(TM). Through these endeavors he hopes to provide space for highlighting those scientists and cultivators who kept the work alive during the 'prohibition dark ages' as well as provide tools, education, as well as access to platforms the next generation and community can flourish from.


Myco-musings on Different Mushroom Species

29 April 2023, 05:00 PM
Sam Gandy Ian Bollinger