Caroline Lee

Death Doula, Agency in Dying

About this speaker

Caroline's 37 years in her body have landed her currently in Oakland, California, where she is in her final months of a Somatic Psychology program at CIIS to become a licensed therapist, and where she works as a death doula and lives with her 80 year old housemate, Judith, and Mister Stripes Catt [2 Ts].

Her past can be summarized in a gaggle of familiar labels – midwestern homeschooled former-evangelical, oldest of 6 kids, purity culture bride at 19 that was married until 33, serial entrepreneur who started 4 businesses, photographer turned death doula/therapist, but a significant amount of healing work [therapy, vipassana 10 day silent meditation, hiking 550 miles across spain [camino del norte], psychonaut of many/every varieties, yoga teacher training, etc etc etc] means that the most important thing to her is being and witnessing. doing the work to understand the identities and the labels so that we can leave them all behind. [cuz that's what we'll do when we die... *and* when we're in altered states of consciousness.]


What Do Death, Bodies and Psychedelics Have in Common?

30 April 2023, 06:15 PM
Lauren Taus Caroline Lee