Alex Carelli

Guide, ThetaSoma

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Alex is the founder of ThetaSoma™ and an Integrative Psychedelic Guide. Alex co-leads the ThetaSoma™ Guide Training and facilitates psychedelic journeys and integrations in her own practice. She is passionate about integrating traumatic memories to heal the self.

“Hi, I’m Alex. Here to be in the being, with you.

Along my journey I have had the honor of studying with masters of the metaphysical healing arts in yoga, Ayurveda, and sacred ritual practice. I bridge my esoteric studies with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy to support you, holistically. I have facilitated over 65 psychedelic journeys and hundreds of ThetaSoma™ integration sessions.

I began exploring consciousness & connection to nature growing up in the forests of New England. I harmonized with psychedelics for the first time at age 13. Ever since, I have been dedicated to healing my mind, body & spirit in alignment with Creation.

Now, I work with dreams, psychedelic medicine, tarot, astrology, yoga, sound, nature and deep listening as pathways to the soul.

In sessions, trainings, and immersive experiences we integrate these tools creatively to stir your consciousness into remembrance.

I count many plant allies, the cosmos, our natural world as my greatest teachers.

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Ancestral Healing Meditation



Unlocking and Interpreting Symbols of the Subconscious

30 April 2023, 07:30 PM
Alex Carelli Anthony West